Why Waterproofing is Essential in Seattle, Washington

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Experiencing water damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare! Water damage is a terrible experience, everyone would agree on this. If you consider the weather conditions in Seattle Washington, you’d know that water damage is a problem for homeowners, so that indeed you want to know how to Prevent Water Damage in Washington. Seattle is […]

Waterproofing Types and Advantages

waterproofing advantages

You might think of waterproofing, or heard about it, only when you’re experiencing some type of water damage, or when you call in a home inspection service to inspect the building. The truth is that it’s necessary, whether the property is new construction, or you’ve never installed protective coats to prolong the life of the […]

The Challenge of Waterproofing Commercial Properties

waterprooofing commercial properties

The United States gets all the credit for having the largest amount of expenditures, with over 1, 162 billion U.S dollars spent in the construction market globally. The construction industry in the US is in constant growth since 2016, and it’s moving even faster than ever before. To be precise, it is expected to reach […]

5 Benefits of Deck Waterproofing

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Water can seriously damage a concrete surface if the property is not properly waterproofed and maintained! Excessive rain, especially in wet areas as well as humidity and moisture exposure can create ripe conditions for cracks to appear on the deck’s surface. Decks are horizontal surfaces and they retain water, ice, and snow for prolonged periods […]