5 Benefits of Deck Waterproofing

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Water can seriously damage a concrete surface if the property is not properly waterproofed and maintained!

Excessive rain, especially in wet areas as well as humidity and moisture exposure can create ripe conditions for cracks to appear on the deck’s surface.
Decks are horizontal surfaces and they retain water, ice, and snow for prolonged periods of time and damage the stability of the whole property.
Another problem for decks is the exposure to direct sunlight up to 40% more than the vertical surfaces which results in a unique thermal stress to the material of the deck.
For instance, on a sunny day, the temperature can reach as much as 50 F between the sun-exposed top surface and the damp underside. Add to that foot traffic, physical wear and tear, ground-dirt and food stains. It’s overwhelming when you think about it, but it can be solved and sealed off for good if you work with a contractor and apply the right waterproofing coatings.

  • During our work experience, we’ve come across properties where we couldn’t evaluate the material of the deck because of the colossal degree of damage.
    We definitely took advantage of these projects to create a list of benefits for Architects, Builders, Property Managers and everyone who is interested. It’s important, and we care to show you!

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1.Protects Interiors From Water Damage

Horizontal surfaces like decks which are exposed to the weather can be difficult to waterproof. But, it’s not impossible with the right materials and expertise. Not protecting the deck surface would damage the inner part of the property. This includes the walls, floors, foundation and even the insulation. The main idea is to stop the formation of a seepage, and that can be achieved by waterproofing the deck and promoting a healthy strong start of the building.

2.Protects Your Health

If moisture appears on the ceilings and enters deeper inside the walls, it will build up the growth of mold and mildew. Then, it will create spores, which get projected into the air and get inside your lungs, resulting in serious health issues.

It’s always better to waterproof your property on time as you’ll avoid unexpected health problems!

3. Increases the Value of the Property

One of the home improvement must-dos is waterproofing, and it’s the necessary work in the home value department. Not doing it, you’ll develop serious moisture related problems that’ll most definitely decrease your home value and put a red alarming sign on your property. Think of it as a preventative work that will help by not decreasing the value of the construction project.
– For us, it’s an investment that together with repairs and maintenance is forming a baseline for the property to function and keep it in overall good condition.

4. It Prevents the Need for Restoration

Prevention is always better than cure! We know that it’s a costly investment but provides long-term stability to the building. It’s better to waterproof the whole property rather than spend your money later on leaking ceilings, moist floors, and damp walls.
We offer a re-coat program for decks that will definitely benefit you! Plus, we value our customers, and we will do an inspection on all decks and surfaces thus provide you with evaluation and recommendations for maintenance.

5. Enjoying long-term comfort

We build for the future!
Only through waterproofing, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy environment. Sealing a new construction site early promotes longevity and comfort.
When you think about the moisture in the interior of the building, and how it got there you’ll regret your decisions for not installing a protective coat in the first place. When damage becomes visible probably the problem is worse than you think.
– We care because we work hard on a foundation for further work later on and take measures to provide the building with comfort.

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