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Deck Coating

We install urethane, PMMA and PMUA systems over wood or concrete substrates. From a simple uniformed finish to sanded color finishes or designs we have installed them all.

Foundation Waterproofing

We install Epro fully monolithic waterproofing. Form damp proofing a dry area to heavy systems for the high-water tables. We install both blind side for lagging walls and positive side for the cast in place walls.

Garage and Courtyard Waterproofing

Installing the right product for the intended use is key. Garages are extra tough systems to be able to withstand daily vehicle use.

Metal and Flat Roofs

The ability to extend the life of your roof for another 15-25 years without demolition saves money and time.

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Manufacturers in the Industry

Being certified and trained from manufactures that are leading the industry is key to provide clients with the best installations and the best warranties available.


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