Deck Coating Seattle

Deck Coating in Seattle and Western Washington

Trinity Waterproofing is an industry leader in the Pacific Northwest for deck coating installations and remediation projects. Our projects and scopes of work change from small-scale 1 day projects to large-scale yearlong projects. No matter the size of the project, the same attention is paid to details and to provide a beautiful finish.


Decks surfaces need to be cleaned and maintained as part of the lifecycle of the deck coating. Depending on the manufacturer and the original warranty, decks need to be cleaned, inspected for damage and have a maintenance top coat installed every 5-10 years.

Trinity Waterproofing has established a re-coat program that we are glad to provide to any home owner, HOA, property manager or owner. We will inspect all decks and surfaces, then provide a written evaluation and recommendations for maintenance. Once any required repairs and/or maintenance coating is performed we will gladly issue a 5-year re-coat warranty. This can be repeated every 5 years as long as you would like to maintain the warranty.

Vehicular Parking Area Coating

Protecting the structure from prolonged moisture saturation on parking decks is important in protecting the longevity of a structure. Vehicular coatings can be installed at any elevated parking area. They are typically much stronger coatings that use more coarse aggregate. Designed for the wear and tear of vehicles and has higher chemical resistive properties.

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