Why Waterproofing is Essential in Seattle, Washington

Prevent water damage in Washington, Trinity Waterproofing

Experiencing water damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare!

Water damage is a terrible experience, everyone would agree on this.

If you consider the weather conditions in Seattle Washington, you’d know that water damage is a problem for homeowners, so that indeed you want to know how to Prevent Water Damage in Washington. Seattle is a rainy area, to be more precise we are talking about an average of 37.5 inches of rainfall per year. Moreover, counting the last four years from 2014 to 2017, Seattle experienced its wettest period of rainfall in recorded history.

With heavy rainfall comes the threat of water damage, which is something we cannot control but only to take protecting measures in advance to avoid such misery to occur.
Water damage, believe it or not, is a very common problem here in Seattle, and there really are things you can do to lower the chances for your property to suffer.

There are two sources for water damage in a property, outside factors such as natural disasters and inside factors like leaks. To be able to act accordingly and call for help, homeowners need to figure out what causes the damage in the first place.

Ways to prevent water damage


As a start, proper inspection of the property’s exterior and the interior area is the best idea to go with. Look for visible cracks and concrete shaped pathways that might lead water to the foundation. A crack thin as a hair is enough space for water to get inside and penetrate the walls and foundation.
Know what you’re dealing with so that you can find appropriate help! If you just moved in into a new building, ask around whether the property is sealed, and waterproofed so that you don’t end up paying money for water damage and remediation.

Know what you’re dealing with so that you can find appropriate help! If you just moved in into a new building, ask around whether the property is sealed, and waterproofed so that you don’t end up paying money for water damage and remediation.


Waterproofing helps you fortify your home against heavy rainfall and protects it by using high-quality materials that seal off the entire property.

For homeowners that have experienced some type of water damage problems, don’t fall into despair, because an increased level of water won’t destroy your home. According to Claudette Hanks Reichel of Louisiana State University’s Agricultural Center, homes that are highly susceptible to decay, mold and mildew and are poorly constructed face enormously high prices for repairs.

Except for cleaning your gutters and downspouts, to make sure water is running through, you need to know all the factors that cause water havocs.

One of the major factors responsible for water damage is natural disasters. They came in all sizes and shapes, and you must prepare yourself for the worst when the forecast is predicting bad weather. For instance, in the Puget Sound area, residents always prepare for storms and floods as those types of natural disasters are normal here.In such areas, flood protection by waterproofing is the best you can do to avoid repairs! Your property’s greatest enemy if heavy rainfall and there is a reason for that. We consider it as a number one factor for water damage because it forces water towards the foundation of your home, making your foundation week, susceptible to decay, mold, and mildew. The first signs of a weakened foundation are the appearance of water seepage that is putting a lot of pressure on the walls.

If you notice mold growth in your basement or walls, you need to sanitize the area as soon as possible and call for a waterproofing service to seal off your property for good. We are located in the Pacific Northwest and if you need immediate help, we are able to provide it to prevent water damage in Washington

mold and mildew, Prevent Water Damage in Washington, Trinity Waterproofing

Along with heavy rainfall, floods formulate and carry all the excess water from the outside into your basement causing irreparable damage. Western Washington, for instance, is prone to flooding and it’s very different from the rural areas of the state. ”Seattle has fewer than ten buildings that have had more than one flood loss”, according to the Seattle Office of Emergency Management.

The last but not the least of factors that cause damage to your home and for which you need to take measures for protection are leaks!
Leaks can occur due to many reasons, and the biggest problem is that they are unexpected, allowing water damage to take its toll immediately. When a leak occurs into your home, you need to find the source and call for a water drainage specialist to drain the water out of your property.
Don’t let it sit like that for days or wait for the water to dry on its own. There are a lot of professionals you can look up on the internet and call for immediate help.

No matter where you live in Washington, weather changes are a clear signal to act and waterproof your home entirely. If you’re having issues with peeling paint, moisture, and mildew, you need to contact a waterproofing professional to help you prevent more damage and save you money for remediation and repairs. And, if you’re experiencing leaks, make sure you act accordingly and find a solution to your problem before it gets too big to handle.

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