Waterproofing Types and Advantages

waterproofing advantages

You might think of waterproofing, or heard about it, only when you’re experiencing some type of water damage, or when you call in a home inspection service to inspect the building. The truth is that it’s necessary, whether the property is new construction, or you’ve never installed protective coats to prolong the life of the property. The reason we tell you this is because waterproofing techniques and methods will prevent any seeping dampness from appearing in your home, make sure that your property lasts longer, and add value to the building.

Waterproofing shouldn’t be ignored!

Some parts of the construction need special care so that you can have a safe environment that promotes healthy air-breathing conditions.

We’ve said why you should consider it, but we would also like to highlight that you should never buy products or try to waterproof a property on your own. There is no how-to guide, and it’s not for amateurs.

Before calling the waterproofing experts to do their job, you should learn some basic things about protection of concrete.
First and foremost, using the wrong products threatens the structural integrity of the building. There are millions of products out on the market that fix the problem momentarily, if we may say, but won’t help at protecting it against water damage.

Most common places that need waterproofing are bathrooms, as they are the wettest area in a home. For instance, the shower floor area is a MUST when it comes to waterproofing. Other places that need waterproofing are decks, basements, particular walls, foundation, swimming pools, parking areas, roofs, and concrete.

For bathrooms, because water in these parts of the property flow on a daily basis, water damage is most likely to occur here first. Hire a professional bathroom waterproofing service to complete this job, as it’s very delicate and requires specific waterproofing training.
Every part of a building requires different waterproofing methods, and a variety of experts are specialized in each of them. In addition to bathrooms, basement waterproofing is important.
The general rule of waterproofing basements is to seal them off during the construction of the property. That’s because they are hard and costly to repair after they’ve endured some kind of damage. If you’re dealing with water damage in your basement, don’t try to waterproof the walls on your own. You’ll only mask the problem, and the damage will remain hidden for some time until it re-appears again.


Decks, balconies, and parking garages. This is where we spend most of our time, sealing off, fixing and protecting the area with high-quality waterproofing materials that will protect the surface from every type of damage. Decks, for instance, are constantly exposed to thermal stress such as sun, rain, and winds. Can you imagine the life of a deck here in Tacoma, considering the rainy weather we have in autumn? Balconies, whether timber or concrete, also need waterproofing.

What about swimming pools? It’s a major asset of a home but not maintaining it or taking care of its stability before filling it with water is not a wise thing to do. Waterproofing is necessary for swimming pools, to prevent any leakage occurring and causing damage to the surrounding area of the property.

Concrete, particular walls of the property, foundation, and the roof should be thoroughly waterproofed. What you’re trying to avoid is water finding its way into your home. If that happens, you might be facing electrical problems, and the occurrence of mold, mildew and rotten timber. This is very bad for the health of your family, as mold threatens the quality of the air inside the house.

All in all, waterproofing is an important part of any construction.
It will cost you less, you’ll protect the place where you live, extend the life of the property, and even add more value to it. However, if you do continue to ignore it, you’re making some bad decisions that you’re going to regret in the future. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of floors and balconies of collapsing.

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