The pacific Northwest has some prolonged periods of rain that saturates the ground causing very slow drainage. As water pressure in the soil surrounding the building grows, water seems to find even the smallest crack that presents the least resistance. Trinity Waterproofing installs several proven systems of foundation waterproofing including:
Bentonite clay mats,
These mats look similar to blankest that are hung on the wall. If moisture is present on the side of the foundation the clay will swell and fills the voids in the wall.
Bituthene self-adhered membrane,
This is a peal and stick product that sticks directly to the wall.
Modified bituminous/asphalt emulsion,
This is a spry applied monolithic system that is fully adhered to the foundation wall.

All systems are installed with a drain mat that will divert the water to a trench drain at the base of the foundation.

Trinity Waterproofing

Seattle ,WA